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Mikado Cheburashka 15 g - pcs.5



Mikado Cheburashka 15 g - pcs.5 The Cheburaszka is a lure weight system which consists of a detachable snap and a round lead. To mount a lure, just put a hook or treble eye on the snap and push it through the opening in the lead- with two round ends sticking out on both sides. Then close the snap, attatch your line or leader to one eye and you’re set. A cheburashka mounted lure moves freely from the hook- unlike in standard jig heads, which are permanently jointed with the lead, thus stiffening the action of soft lures, whereas herethe lure will move irregularly and very naturally, thus triggering more bites. Works great with standard hooks, offsets and trebles- especially the Mikado Sensual doubles.


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