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Fishing Bag UWI-M010



Fishing Bag UWI-M010* PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Belts are becoming more and more popular alternatives to bags and vests among anglers. That shouldn’t really be surprising considering that it’s an incredibly functional and convenient solution. Our newest belt is the embodiment of comfort. The main pocket is big enough to fit a couple of boxes. You can put another box or other accessories in the reinforced front pocket and the two netted side pockets can hold a water bottle or some more stuff. There are special mounts for pliers and such. We’ve added a second strap so that you can convert this belt into a chestpack or a regular bag. We’re sure that once you try out our belt you won’t want to part with it. TECHNICAL DATA: -Code UWI-M010 -Length (cm)27 -Width (cm)24 -Height (cm)9.5 -Colour Gray-Red