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Rod -Sasori Medium Heavy Spin 270 c.w.15-40g



Rod -Sasori Medium Heavy Spin 270 c.w.15-40g* Line of three strong, versatile spin fishing rods dedicated for heavier predator fishing using larger lures. The high-quality, strong blank guarantees durability and secure hooking. The elegant finish gives the rod a classic look that will please any angler. Recommended for use when fishing for pikes and other freshwater predators. - Name SASORI MEDIUM HEAVY SPIN - Code WAA719-270 - Länge (cm)270 - Rutengewicht (g)232 - Teile 2 - Transportlänge(cm)140 - Wurfgewicht (g)15-40

Rod -Sasori Medium Heavy Spin 270 c.w.15-40g