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Jig Head Abredeen Jig BN 10gr-2/0-pcs.3



Jig Head Abredeen Jig BN 10gr-2/0-pcs.3* A wide offer of professional jig heads made of special alloy of lead mixed with aluminium, zinc and magnesium. This blend assures that the jig heads are adequately hard and don’t loose colour. Each jig has its weight marked on the body to make organizing your gear easier. Extremely sharp, vanadium hooks were covered with silver or black nickel coating. They ensure a quick and firm hooking, even with a delicate and hesitant bite. A non-central position of hook makes the bait work horizontally from the moment it lands in the water. The special shape of the jig flange makes putting the twister much easier and eliminates the possibility of accidentally destroying soft lure. - Code OMGAJL10 - Weight(g) 10 - Hook size 1/0

Jig Head Abredeen Jig BN 10gr-2/0-pcs.3