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Byron Triple Force 3 2.40m



Triple-TF2 Force 24 cm - The name says it all with this new rod series of Byron. "Triple" is a hand for the three fishing techniques - Spin fishing, Jerking and sea fishing - for these rods have been developed, on the other hand, for the three-component, new carbon fiber which was used for the blank these rods. "Force" is the power inherent in these rods. The area of ​​application of the Triple Force rods ranges from boat fishing on local lakes to the sea fishing in Norwegian fjords. Due to the large and stable Rings are the Triple Force rods also ideal for Huchenfischen. Just big fish you can reliably with these rods drill, because the strong backbone springs runaways combative fish from reliable. The classic design and the Using the best components round off the visual appearance of the Triple Force series. Suitable for the use of fixed and multiplier reels. Treble range: - Spin fishing with casting weight 100 to 250 g - Jerking with baits 90 to 150 g - Sea fishing with lures 125 - 300 g - Art. No. TF3 240 - Parts 2 - Transport length 240 cm - length 240 cm - Weight 265 g