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Iron Claw Apace M 50 TBS PE



Iron Claw Apace M 50 TBS PE * Iron Claw Apace M 50 TBS PE * Product description The Iron Claw Apace series offers small wobblers made of ABS plastic with a wide variety of properties. The baits are ideal for outsmarting trout, perch, chub etc. Partially equipped with rattle balls and ball channel with magnet system. Different forms of bait offer a multitude of possibilities to adapt to the given requirements on the water. All baits are tested before delivery. Should it nevertheless occur that straight-ahead running is not possible, this can be restored by carefully bending the hanging eye. But be careful, deformation of the eyelet, already in the tenths of a millimeter range, will optimize the bait in most cases. All baits are supplied with additional single hooks, which can be easily assembled if required. # Length 50 mm # Weight 2.3g #Diving depth sinking 0.1 - 1.1 m