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HYDROS II - SILVER * The new Orvis Hydros Reel is the result of our own desire to make something great, even better. We've taken a best selling reel and removed unnecessary material to further reduce weight while stiffening the narrow spool, minimizing line stacking. We modified the drag button to be more ergonomically accessible and convenient to use. We have further refined the seal on the sealed brake to protect the clutch bearing in the brake mechanism. For kink-free leader protection, we rounded off the reel foot like the Mirage. The fully sealed brake with stacked carbon and stainless steel discs is still one of the strongest in the industry with no starting inertia. Matte anodized Type II finish, standard size for large mandrels that are better balanced with lighter weight fly rods. while still offering excellent retrieval rates and less line take-up than standard mandrel reels. Refinement and improvement are the hallmarks of quality. Matte black with silver accents, matte silver with anthracite accents. - Large hydros II - Line class 3-5 - Weight (g) 142 - Diameter (cm) 8.6 - Darcon capacity 20-lb. & WF4F : 125 yards.