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3056/150 FT -Fast Action Shad-150 mm



3055/150 FT -Fast Action Shad-150 mm * The Fast-Action Shad is a bait that convinces immediately. Due to its small shovel tail, it emits high-frequency vibrations to its surroundings, and thus does not leave any predatory fish indifferent. This rubber fish is available in Sizes: 150mm. The new Byron rubber fish all consist of a very soft rubber compound and are therefore hand-cast. Each individual layer of paint is poured into the mold in layers, in which the individual layers become one multicolored fish shapes. Because of this, every fish is slightly different in color combination. Machine production is not possible due to the extremely soft rubber compound. This is the only way to achieve the unique action. Despite the very soft rubber mixture, which has a decisive effect on the success of the catch, the rubber fish usually outlast several predatory fish. -Item No. 3056 -Length 150mm -Weight 12g -Package contents loose 1 piece

3056/150 FT -Fast Action Shad-150 mm